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In case you don’t already know, PPC stands for pay-per-click which essensentially means when a potential customer clicks an ad, as the advertiser, you pay for that click. The biggest and most well known PPC platform is Google Adwords, there are others but Google dominates this market and should be your starting point before considering other options.

The concept is simple, someone searches online for a service or product and then sees a sponsored advert for that service or product and proceeds to click on the link to your website.

PPC changed the advertsing world, it was simply revolutionary because it allowed small business to market their services like nothing before. 

If you have a service based business and you are not running any PPC campaigns then you could be missing out on a vast amount of sales enquiries. 

Google Premier Partner

It’s so easy to get PPC wrong, you can do it yourself, you don’t need to be a professor but it is very easy to waste a lot of money and walk away believing that it doesn’t work.

It works… But you have to do it the right way. In our experience, even some of the most well respected agencies get it wrong, the reasons why a DIY person and an agency are getting wrong differ but both can be damaging to your profit as a business owner.

The agenda for you is to get as many enquiries ( conversions ) as possible for as little spend as possible. What that looks like on paper will differ massively depending on your market and services offered. If we compare two of our clients, one is a dentist where our average spend for certain keywords can be as high as £20 per conversion and a carpet fitter where our average is under £5, there’s a lot to consider when building a campaign to generate clicks and/or conversions.

We are partnered with a top 3% Google Premier Agency, therefore, if we are working on your Adwords campaigns, you have the best of everything for a very competitive price. 

Relevant Keywords

This is where we do things differently to most of the marketing agencies who will typically add a bunch of keywords with a phase or broad match and then start to pick off anything unwanted by adding negative keywords. This in our humble opinion is a lazy way to do the keyword research and will add a lot of waste to the cost of the initial campaigns as well as require a hefty amount of management which is perhaps how agencies validate their fees over a long period of time… 

We don’t do this. We start all our campaigns with a very small number of highly researched keywords and we build up from there, this will elimate the maximum amount of waste from day one, after which we continue to add and test new campaigns with various keywords and adverts. 


High Converting Landing Pages

This is so important, probably the most important aspect of a how succesful a PPC campaign is will depend on how good the landing page is, it is absolutley pointless building a world-class advert that is generating thousands of clicks if the landing page doesn’t convert them into actual enquiries! It is essential that you get this right, a nice looking webiste doesn’t by default mean that it will convert into sales, these two points must go hand-in-hand.

Example of a great performing campaign.

Keyword – Implant Dentist Swindon

Advert – Award-Winning Implant Dentist in Swindon

Landing Page Headline – Book Your Implant Consultation

It doesn’t have to be exactly like this but I hope you get the point, the customer has searched “implants swindon” and they get the matching advert and then having clicked through, hit a landing page that matches EXACTLY what they were searching for. That is half the job done, the second half is to ensure that the landing has everything it needs to give the best chance of converting into a formal enquiry.

Adwords Click-Through Rates

This is an important part of a succesful campaign, it relates to the percantage of clicks to impressions of the advert, so, if the advert has been displayed 100 times and has had three clicks, the CTR would be… 3% 

Click Through Rates will depend on a few factors, some you have a certain amount of control over and some you can’t control. The two big factors are quality of keyword to the advert as outlined above and the other is having a compelling advert that entices the searcher to click on it. There are many tactics to test, refine and improve that will increase the CTR.

PPC Campaign Budgets

We believe it makes sense to have some sensible budgets in place when testing the adverts, again, this is always going to depend on your business, the service and the market. 

What You Get

  • Automated Monthly Management Stats Reports
  • Continual testing, tweaking and optimisation of your campaign to continue to increase the number of leads you receive and lower your cost per click
  •  Ad spend paid separately to the management fee – we  would usually recommend a minimum of £750 spend per month 

Prices For PPC Campaign Management

If you’re interested in what we charge to run a PPC campaign for you then simply visit our prices page where all our packages are available for you to choose what’s best for you.

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Considerations When Building a PPC Campaign


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