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Four reasons Why a CRM is important

  1. Increase sales, you need a great sales process to follow up on your marketing, many people may express an interest in a product or service but not be ready to buy until some time into the future, the CRM will allow you to capture that future customers data and nuture them until they are ready to buy. 
  2. Having a CRM in place will enable you to analyse data better, it will make the process of examaning data much easier as it can break down into manageable chunks giving you a clearer picture. As part of this analysis, you can see exactly what return on investment your marketing is achieving
  3. Increase conversions, having forms on your website will increase the conversions as some people prefer this method over picking up the phone or sending an email. Many CRM’s will also allow you to send out text messages as well as emails and traditional letters, all these follow up sequences increase your chances of turning traffic into paying customers.
  4.  When you start analysing the data, you’ll find new and better ways to improve your marketing, it will show you what’s working to do more and what needs improving. 
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We Are Highly Experienced With the Following CRM Systems

We will take on your CRM management for you, building at least one email campaign per month whilst constantly testing, improving and putting the right forms on your website pages.

Is Email Marketing Dead?

Absolutely not! It isn’t as constantly effective as it once was but there are a number of tricks that can be easily implemented to improve open rates.

Typically our rates are around 15% which doesn’t sound a lot, however, when you have 10,000 contacts subscribed to your emails, you have 1500 people directly seeing your message every time you send an email out – That can be very powerful.

It’s worth remembering that once you have the email, sending doesn’t cost you anything, it is a very cost efficient way to build your sales.

My £15,000 email

I once sent an email to client base, I literally just said, Happy New Year from myself and the team. That one email lead to bookings that added £15,000 to our sales total that month, if you don’t want to get into really complex marketing funnels, that’s fine,simply setting up a CRM to do this is enough.

Now Read This...

Aha, you’re reading this because I told you to, that’s exactly what your email marketing needs to do, highly thought out subject headlines that make the recipient want to open the email. 

We all get bombarded with spammy emails these days so it is essential that you rise above the noise and just be a little cleverer about how you construct an email campaign, of course, we can work with you to create a number of super sonic campaigns that deliver amazing results – systematically!

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